The Seven Spaces concept

The original Six Spaces of Social Media was a concept devised by Matt Locke in 2007 that looked at Secret, Group, Publishing, Performing, Participation and Watching Spaces as they exist in social media and technology. It’s fascinating, enlightening and quite brilliant in its simplicity.

At NoTosh, we’ve taken this concept and translated it into the physical environments of both education and enterprise, looking at how we can harness and expand the way we think about and use space as we learn and develop our skills. And we’ve added a seventh space too – Data.

Take a look at NoTosh CEO Ewan’s Seven Spaces presentation. Share it with your colleagues and set aside 30 minutes at your next team meeting to see how you could incorporate this thinking into your workplace. Or why not use a whole morning to talk about whether your current physical and technological spaces are helping or hindering your work – are there any cost-effective, pragmatic steps you could take to resolve this?

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Ewan McIntosh

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