Pack up your clutter to unpack your learning

The physical spaces we work in contribute hugely to the way that we learn. De-cluttering your workspace – whether it’s a classroom, staffroom or office – helps to clear everyone’s heads by removing unnecessary distractions, from unused furniture to overflowing boxes. And getting rid of that negative mess actually gives you the space to create a positive mess...

How does it work? Well, think about striking a balance between your ‘tidy’ display or work areas and a designated messy space in which you can house the ‘guts of learning’ around a project or a topic. Use this messy space to give your students or staff a dedicated area in which they feel free to contribute thoughts, ideas or opinions; where the development of a project can be easily seen; where new ideas can be tested out and where learning can be visually measured over time. For more ideas, have a look at Building your project nest in our LAB.

Try it for yourself or give us a call and we’ll come and help you pack those boxes.

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Ewan McIntosh

I think, therefore I am... or am I?

I think, therefore I am... or am I?

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