From daft ideas come brilliant solutions

Ideation is a key element of the NoTosh Design Thinking process – quite simply, coming up with lots of great ideas in an environment where the only thing that’s limited is the time you can take!

The 100 Ideas Challenge is a great one to try out with your team. Once you’ve identified and agreed the problem you want to solve, or the challenge you’re facing, here’s what you do:

  • Put everyone into small teams
  • Equip each team with a large sheet of paper
  • Assign a scribe within each team
  • Set a 10 minute time limit (remember to appoint a time-keeper!)
  • Give regular warnings as time starts to run out
  • Count the ideas and offer a prize to the team with the most
  • Celebrate everyone’s efforts!

Those are the practicalities, but remember that the idea is to give people the freedom to be exploratory, imaginative and creative with no negative judgment – ideas are recorded but not, at this stage, discussed. As a result, participants are working in a safe and open environment where their ideas are treated with respect and this, in turn, fosters more open and creative thinking.

Talk to us about other Ideation strategies from NoTosh including ‘Stick-A-Vote’, ‘New, Useful, Feasible’ and ‘Best Ideas, Worst Ideas’.

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